Monday, April 25, 2011

An Impostor In My Garden

My little basil seedlings are growing up so fast:

The second set of leaves are starting to emerge:

Just a couple of weeks ago they were tiny little sprouts. As long as the weather warms up in the next few weeks, they'll be ready to go outside. I took advice from Natalie and I've been gently blowing air on them each day to toughen them up a bit and get them ready for the windy outdoors.

However, there is an impostor in the garden:

That's definitely not basil! Maybe mint? Hmm...I think I'll let it grow just a little and transplant it and see what happens. But it's probably just a weed....


  1. at least it's not a pesky squirrel! PS- I never put basil outside until memorial day- you never know when the cold will strike.

  2. You're either going to have the strongest, healthiest basil ever, or everyone will think you're nuts for given your plants a "blow job." Ooops, sorry, did I really say that out loud? ;) Bad, bad middle-aged woman!!

  3. Rebecca-That evil squirrel is back! There is dirt all over our back porch. Argh.

    Natalie-I'm glad you said "blow job" because I was thinking that the entire time I was writing this post! Bad, bad minds think alike. :P