Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Goose Island Brewery Tour

I love going on brewery tours. I've decided I need to check out every brewery tour available in Chicago. I've been to a couple in Milwaukee including Lakefront Brewery and Sprecher's Brewing Company. Both were a lot of fun so if you're ever in Milwaukee, check 'em out.

Goose Island Brewery is the biggest in Chicago so I was really excited to see what they had to offer. It's $10 for a the tour plus beer tasting and a souvenir glass. Per usual, you get a fashionable wristband:


You're allowed to take a beer on the tour...bonus! It's not included in the cost of the tour but you can buy one at the bar before the tour starts. The tour takes place in one room where the tour guide explains extensively their process of brewing, along with a lot of Goose Island facts.

There's the obligatory Q & A but at that point I think we were all ready to chug (I mean try) some samples, so not a single question was asked. Ha!

The tasting was my favorite part of the tour. You're probably thinking I'm a lush but, was just fun. I swear! The tasting was set-up in a communal style. Very different than any other tasting I've experienced. As you can see in the above picture, you get to try 6 different beers. The samples were not as generous as I thought they would be. However, the guide went into detail about each one; color, smell and taste. Other tours I've been on are not nearly as detailed when it comes to the tasting. We also got a souvenir glass. Another bonus...

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  1. Hey David! Thanks for the hint! My brother is coming from overseas in a few weeks. I figured he would like his visit to be a little different and more exciting than average tourist tour. Going there for sure!

  2. Hey, Petunia! ;) Yeah that will be fun! Just be sure to make a reservation well in advance because it gets booked up. I'm going to the Half Acre brewery tour this weekend and I hear that one is also a lot of fun. Unfortunately they don’t take reservations and you have to get there an hour and a half before the tour. Yikes!