Sunday, April 10, 2011

City Porch Garden 2011

So Rob and I have started the planting for our porch garden. Through trial and error we have found that certain things grow well on our porch and certain things do not. We are limited as far as sun goes so it's a little tricky. However...Mint, oregano, rosemary and basil all grow fairly well so that's what we're sticking to this year. We use a lot of basil when cooking so we planted lots of seeds this year. Right now we have the seedlings in our front window since there is abundant sunshine:

It's so exciting seeing the little seedlings sprout!

Last year we planted parsley from seed. This is what it looked like last summer (scroll down to the end of the post). I had no hope for it. But, at the end of summer, Rob brought it in the house and kept it in the front window. Now it looks like this:

It's suddenly doing really well. It only took A YEAR! But now I have high hopes for it.

I can't wait until it's warm enough to move the plants outside and plant flowers. I love flowers! I also can't wait to enjoy my porch, herbs and flowers while drinking some mojitos. Yum!


  1. Ahhhh mojitos! Nice porch garden. The warm weather is on its way!

  2. Thanks Ronna! I can't wait for warm weather!

  3. If you want to toughen up your seedlings, blow on them gently every day. (I'm not kidding.) A little "wind" (or a gentle fan) on them helps strengthen them and get them ready for the big trip outside! I am looking forward to porch weather.

  4. Great tip! Thanks Natalie! They are doing really well so far and getting plenty of sun in the front window. But I think they'd be happier outside!