Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gloomy Weather

I'm really considering moving to a warmer climate. Someplace where there's more sun than clouds, more warmth than cold. This Chicago spring gets 2 thumbs down. With the exception of a couple warm days, it's been cold and cloudy. Yuck. This was the view from my front window yesterday:

Cold, cloudy and barely any growth on the trees. Yuck.

At least the 7 foot snow pile is gone:

But, I need warm weather...and sun. Now.


  1. It's been the same here. Yucky with a capital YUCK! One sunny day here and there but mostly rain, rain and more wet stuff (some white stuff thrown in!) and wind. Spring will come. So will summer. Yah, and so will Christmas, right?

  2. LIke Ronna said. We had a couple of nice days, but now it's supposed to rain all freaking week! (I live about 25 minutes due south of Miz Ronna.) We are not amused.

  3. Ronna-I'm shuddering at the thought of Christmas! But it will be here in the blink of an eye, as always. I think we need to have a serious chat with Mother Nature.

    Natalie-the un-amusement is mutual. Today it actually got above 60 F but it rained almost all day. Tomorrow it's back down to the 40s. Boo hiss. Let's all move to Hawaii!

  4. These are awesome pictures! I notice there is a mail truck in this photo. Maybe you should see if you can mail yourself to a warmer zip code!-Candace :)