Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The City of Fake People

A few weeks back Rob and I took a little road trip to Carmel Indiana. Why Carmel you ask? Well, for his birthday this past December I bought him tickets to a jazz show. It was a trio of performers: Nikki Yanofsky, Jane Monheit and Diane Reeves. We had 2nd row seats (which was amazing) and it was held at the brand new Center for the Performing Arts. A beautiful venue and an amazing show. I loved all three performers. Jane has always been a favorite (her voice is like buttah, just like Lizz) but I have to say Diane's performance was spectacular. She's a seasoned jazz singer and it shows.

So I was hoping that Carmel would have a fountain of caramel in the town square. I know that's very Willy Wonka-ish of me to think but I was hoping. Alas, they did not. But they did have sculptures of people all over the little town. They are all in various positions, doing various things. Frozen in time. They were creepy, seriously. We were walking around the town on Sunday and there were no 'real' people around, just these fake people. It reminded me of the movie Return to Oz where all the people were turned to stone. Eerie....

Yes I'd love to ...ummm...dance with you...?

 Really deep thoughts...

 Would you like to water my basil? uhhh...nevermind...

 Hey! get a room!

Why the stern face? Here, let's have a photo shoot...say, "cheese!"


  1. Kinda love the city of fake people. Very cool!

  2. They've got nothing on the Bronze Fonz ;)

  3. They need to replace all these creepy people with replicas of the Bronze Fonz. Now that's something I'd like to see!

  4. Love that last shot! You're a cutie, but the lady whose face you're fondling looks unimpressed! ;) At first I thought she was Queen Elizabeth, shopping incognito in Carmel.

    Two thumbs up for the Bronze Fonz!

  5. they would freak me out somewhat.....
    i would always be bumping into them then apologising

  6. Natalie-I tried kissing her on the cheek but she wasn't havin' it. Hmmpf!

    John-That is funny and they are FREAKY.

  7. That is a bit freaky! Love that you referenced Return to Oz! Glad you enjoyed the show! xx

  8. Totally freaky. And I love Return to Oz! I was weirdly obsessed with it when I was little and I would watch it over and over. :P