Monday, November 23, 2009


I love wine. The past few months I've been going through a phase of drinking inexpensive wine. The only reason I was getting it was because I thought well, wine is wine. But It's not. I'm not really knowledgeable when it comes to wine but I have realized I can never drink cheap wine again. Ever.

Rob and I have started exploring new wines. White is Rob's favorite and until recently, mine. I've been exploring red wines. I got a bottle of 2007 Syrah from Spain:

This bull's got balls

This wine is delicious! And not really all that expensive. I'd like to take a wine class so I can learn more about the flavors and accents. This bottle, for example, says it has hints of roasted coffee, baked berry and sweet herb aromas. I didn't quite pick up on that exactly. But it was good! So I guess I'll just keep drinking wine until I become more knowledgeble. Or take a class. :)


  1. That is my kind of packaging design. Love it! (I did packaging design for years!)