Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cookie Cutters

I pulled out all of my cookies cutters today. I plan on making my mom's sugar cookie recipe soon. She makes the best sugar cookies! These are all the shapes I have:

The pig and the snowflake are my favorite

I found this on the bottom of the box:

Maple leaf cookie cutter

It would have been great to use it for these. But I think I liked the pig better anyway.


  1. i used to have this dealie that allowed one to make their own cookie cutters... alas..i ran out of the metal bits to use..and ended up throwing it away years ago, on account of not knowing where to go get more.
    sad times, y'all.
    sad fuckin times.

  2. Wow that is sad. Maybe Santa will get you another set. I might just put that on my Xmas list. :)