Thursday, October 20, 2011

Michigan Wine Tour...First Stop: Round Barn

Rob and I recently went on an extended wine tour through Southwest Michigan. They call it the Napa Valley of the Midwest. Conditions are great for growing because it it east of Lake Michigan. The temperature of the lake moderates the climate and weather, creating excellent grape-growing conditions.

We visited a total of seven wineries in just a couple of days. Yikes! I think my tongue is still numb from all the wine. We had perfect autumn weather. It actually couldn't have been more perfect.

Our first stop was Round Barn Winery. The tasting room is actually in the big round barn.The ceiling looked like a work of art!

I took this wine tour seriously. Very seriously. I want to expand my knowledge of wine and truly mature my palette. Can you hear the sophistication in my words? Or maybe a little bit of drama? Hey, I'll be honest, I just wanted to try a lot of different wines! And I actually did learn quite a bit along the way. I learned that I really like wine. Ha! Here I am sitting outside on a beautiful day enjoying a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. Mmmmmm....

Let's zoom in on that light fixture behind me. I loved it! I want one for my house even though I would have no idea where to put it.

And now, the obligatory picture of the grape vines! Ehhh, I guess if you've seen one grape vine, you've seen them all.

Stay tuned for more upcoming wine tasting adventures! Sluuuurp.


  1. What a beautiful winery. ANd I want that round barn for my farm!!!

  2. This isn't the original location for the barn. They actually moved it to where it is now. Maybe you can convince them to move it again! And ask them to include the wine....

  3. Great shot of the ceiling. That's awesome they have that as the tasting room. I've been getting into wine a lot lately and trying to learn more and taste more varieties. I've only been wine tasting in Traverse City, MI way up north. My favorite place is Blackstar Farms. I might have to check out this Round Barn place some time!

  4. You should definitely check out Round Barn! When I was reading about Michigan wineries I saw some info on Traverse City. Madonna's family has a winery up there...Ciccone Wineries I believe. Have you been? I wonder if it's any good.