Tuesday, August 3, 2010

City Porch Garden

I love living in a big city. There are so many amenities and everything you can think of is right outside your door. The one thing I wish I had was a big garden. I've always wanted a garden with rows and rows of herbs and veggies and even a huge patch of wildflowers...I love wildflower patches! Rob and I have lived in the same apartment for 3 years. We have a modest size porch in the back but we don't get very much sunlight. It is enough though to have some small pots and baskets with a few herbs. This guy is the watcher of the porch garden:

Wormy the Water Sensor

He 'knows' when a plant needs to be watered. He turns dark brown then screams, "WATER ME!" Just kidding about the screaming. I don't really need a little worm to tell when to water because I know when to water but he was so cute I had to buy him when I saw him at Home Depot. Hi Wormy!

This is our big basil bush that almost didn't survive the cold days of spring:

Now it's huge and full of delicious basil leaves. This next picture is one of two basket that hang off the side of our porch. This one has oregano and rosemary, both of which are thriving.

Oregano and Rosemary

The next picture is parsley, not that you can even tell. We planted it around Easter and this is what it looks like now:
Pathetic Parsley

I can't figure out what went wrong. We kept it in our front window the first couple months so it would get a lot of sun. But I guess it wasn't enough. Then there's the mint. It's growing like crazy-as mint usually does-but it's growing like a vine:

Vine-like Mint

We've successfully grown mint in big pots before but never in a hanging basket. maybe that's why it's growing like a vine? Either way, the mint taste great in a mojito.



  1. We don't exactly have rows and rows of veggies, but we were thrilled to get our two 4 x 6 garden boxes in this year. It's all a new experiment this year and we've had some success and some failure. I was so excited about my bell peppers though...they had finally started to thrive in the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately, about 30 minutes ago, my dog decided she wanted to feast on the one pepper we have been watching grow. And, in the process, ripped the whole plant out of the ground. We are not speaking right now. Grrrrrr.

  2. Oh no! I can't believe your dog did that. I guess animals don't know but it's upsetting since gardening is so time consuming. Do you have any other pepper plants or was that the only one?

    We have a squirrel that has taken a huge interest in digging in our oregano and rosemary basket. He dug a huge hole and ripped off a bunch of rosemary leaves. It's so annoying!