Friday, August 27, 2010

Black Bean Soup

I know it's totally not the season for savory soups. I actually made this back in January. Yes January! I was on a blog hiatus for a few months and I baked and cooked my heart out but I was apparently too lazy to blog about anything. I made this specific recipe for a group blog that I never posted to...and I feel terrible. So here I am 7 months later... This isn't a recipe I made up so I'm not going to post the actual recipe but here is a link to the original. It was really good. Time consuming but good. With any recipe I find that I usually feel the need to do something to kinda make it my own. With this one I kept the recipe the same but I seasoned tortillas, cut them in strips and baked them for garnish. It added great texture to the soup! I was quite happy.

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