Friday, July 13, 2012

How Does My Garden Grow?

Very well, actually! One of the great things about our new place is our porch. Tons of sunlight and space which is conducive to successful growing of plants. But man, plants need water. A lot of water. Who knew? I sometimes dread, sometimes look forward to watering (it's a lot of back and forth filling up watering cans). But it feels good to know you are nurturing and sustaining life. And eating food from my garden is satisfying in a way that is different from store bought veggies. And the flowers! The flowers are so purdy. I can't wait to some day have a full garden. But for now, this is really great.

Here are some photos from the garden with captions explaining. Our tomato plants are close to taking over the porch. If they get any bigger I may just put them to work. I think they'd be capable of filling up watering cans...

This is 1 of 3 humungous tomato plants

Yummy tomatoes from said humungous tomato plant

Love the hibiscus flowers

Lots of basil! I see pesto in my future.


  1. Great garden shots! I too have the schlepping of the watering cans in the front of my place. But I get the water from a pump so it's even more of a pain. But you're right, there is something very satisfying about watering a garden and helping it along. Good for the soul (and later for the tummy!)

    1. Thanks Ronna! Yeah, mine is a faucet so it's pretty speedy. I do not envy the pumping!

      On a side note, we had a HUGE storm come through today that messed up most of our plants. I've been doing damage control and hope that I can save the one tomato plant that split in half!