Sunday, September 5, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

Buying something from a thrift store always makes me feel good. Like I'm recycling someone Else's stuff. I feel good about the fact that what I'm buying isn't going to find a home in a landfill somewhere. Yesterday, I went to a thrift store called The Brown Elephant. The money they make reselling other people's stuff goes to a great cause so I'm all about supporting it. I was specifically looking for some plates to use for photographing food for this blog. Most of the plates I have at home are black and white and I wanted to find some things that are more colorful and visually appealing when photographed. I founds these three plates:

New-used plates, coming soon to a blog post near you

The two with the circles came in a set of four. The other 2 were purple and pink. Not colors that appeal to me at all so I just got the green and blue ones. Total for all three plates: $1.65! What a deal! I can't wait to go back in a few weeks and see what else I can find. 


  1. I love buying from thrift stores for this very reason too!!! :) (And the fact that it's cheap.) Fun plates!

  2. Thanks! I love these plates. I always think of you when I go to thrift stores because of all the great clothes you find. I always look but never have luck. I'm going to keep trying though!