Saturday, January 9, 2010

Three Sheets

There's a show I started watching a few weeks ago called Three Sheets. I love this show! I might be borderline obsessed. It's hosted by Zane Lamprey and as Wendy Williams would say, "He's a friend in my head." Totally. We would so get along. I'm sure I'd be on his speed dial and he would text me daily. He'd send me funny pictures of his monkey Pleepleus. We would probably go out on all night drinking binges and high five each other a lot. What a great friend....

So the premise of the show is this: My buddy Zane travels all over the world to different countries and explores the unique drinking culture each place has to offer. I would classify this show as educational. I learn so much from it. They should show it in grade school really. Ha! The show also has these ridiculous sound effects. Like when someone is drinking something you hear "glug glug glug". It makes me laugh almost every time. The show has been on for 4 seasons and there's a bunch of episodes I still haven't seen. Thank goodness for DVR because I can record all the ones I haven't seen. I feel like if Zane ever needed a co-host, I would fit right in.

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