Friday, April 11, 2008

This Just Might Sway the Voters.....

So I decided that each month I'll do a poll. There will be three recipes that you can choose from. The recipe with the most votes will be featured as the recipe of the month. Oooohhhh...exciting right? Since I just started this blog and basically no one is really reading it at this point I hope to get a few votes before it closes. Maybe this pic will get some people pumped for my world famous, super-delicioso, better than anything-you-would-ever-want-to-eat, apple pie:

Did I hype that up enough?


  1. I would eat the hell out of that.

  2. David......I just love you :-) Robert is such a lucky man, I gotta get to Chicago sometime soon to try some of your muffin & banana love. there needs to be some "menace love" in the near future :-) miss you, & zueli too, and all of your special magic dust that eminates from you're bright and beautiful self :-) i myself am trying to finally learn how to cook and bake so i will consult your blog often!
    -the one & only menace

  3. David,
    Well, your apple pie DOES look like one of the best apple pies ever.
    I hope that your pie can meet my ice cream on the backporch.