Friday, September 16, 2011

MillerCoors Brewery Tour

I'm not a fan of Miller beer (sorry Miller). But recently, on a visit to Milwaukee, Rob and I decided to take a tour of the MillerCoors brewery. My favorite Milwaukee breweries are Lakefront (yum!) and Sprecher. The MillerCoors was a free tour with three free samples, so...why not. It's a massive operation so it was interesting to see. That's about it...ha! Enjoy the pics. :)

The Girl in the Moon logo...hey hey!

The bottling plant...huge.

We were like a herd of cattle being directed through the long hallways...moooove.

A massive Miller sign on the side of the brewing building. I'm dizzy.

The huge brew kettles

The Girl in the Moon, inside the cave.

If you look closely...


  1. Miller, that is not beer! Especially by Canadian standards. ;) But the tour looked like great fun. When I was five, my parents took me on a brewery tour when we were on vacation on Barbados, something that sticks in my memory for some reason!! Hopefully they didn't give me any product samples. :)

  2. There were some people with kids on the tour. A bit surprising but hey, why not start early! And yes, the tour was fun regardless of it being Miller.