Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Little Chipmunk

I completely forgot to upload this photo yesterday on my blog post about the Chicago Botanic Gardens. I love chipmunks! So cute! Hi little chipmunk. :D


  1. I love chippies too!! I usually feed mine peanuts but haven't seen too many of them this year...?

  2. Oh he's adorable! And I have hand-fed chippies at Ronna's place. I can't do that in our garden, as the dogs will go after chipmunks, so I don't want the chippies geting tame around me. They are so sweet.

  3. Normally the chipmunks I see near my house scamper off quickly and I can't get close. At the Botanic Gardens they must be used to people because they get surprisingly close. They are just so cute!