Thursday, March 3, 2011

Potato Chip FAIL

I think I was slightly over-confident when approaching this whole homemade potato chip making process. They did not turn out the way I anticipated…at all! I bought 2 lovely organic potatoes from Whole Foods yesterday. I had some ideas for flavors; rosemary-garlic flavor and sea salt and vinegar with black pepper.

Mistake number 1: I do not have a mandoline. I thought I could use my big hand-held veggie slicer. I tried, but I only got inconsistent chunks of potatoes. FAIL. So I had to slice by hand. I admit I’m a pretty good slicer but it’s so hard to slice them evenly and thin. They were all slightly different thicknesses so they all finished baking at different times.

Mistake number 2: I put too much vinegar and not enough oil on the vinegar/black pepper chips. They all suck to the baking sheet. I could barely scrape them off. FAIL.

Mistake number 3: I put way too much salt on the chips. I gagged when I ate one. FAIL. So to say the least I learned a lot from this. I think making baked potato chips could be really easy. I now know (well I think I know) the proper seasonings to use, I just need to get a mandoline.

Stay tuned for more potato chips posts. I will get this right one day!

Salty, but yummy


  1. Good on you for trying. I'm too chicken to try chip...Better luck next time. Let us know!

  2. cut your potatoes into small chunks ( and I mean smallish) boil them for a few minutes then toss them in oil and over bake with a little paprika.....

  3. You know, they still look pretty tasty!!

    I've often thought of buying a mandoline. Do you think you might get one?

  4. John - Thanks! That sounds yummy.

    Natalie - They actually were tasty. Especially the rosemary-garlic ones. If I have time, I'm gonna take a look at mandolines this weekend!

  5. If you buy one, I wanna see pics on the blog! :)

  6. Yes! I'm getting one this weekend for sure. And I'll be trying more potato chip recipes! :)