Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So much to blog about!

Wow the holidays are over already. It's really hard to believe. And I have so much blogging to do! I've been somewhat consistently blogging for the past few months and I plan on keeping up the momentum and maybe changing things up a bit in the new year. Oh and speaking of...I thought I'd post a pic of me and Roberto's yummy New Year's Eve spread of delicious foods!

We went to our favorite Italian market a few blocks up the street - Piatto Pronto. We got some mild and hot sopressata, imported prosciutto, artichoke salad, a big chunk of pecorino romano and some bread. Oh I made my bruschetta too. Deelish! I also made a new winterized logo with snowflakes. I'm doing my best to accept that there's still at least two months of hard winter...let it snow! errrr maybe not....


  1. Sopressata is so fu**ing good, but it's very very fatty! And I really know :(

    (That's why now I'm on a diet!)


  2. It's SO good! I love the hot Sopressata.