Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Rob and I did our Holiday decorating last weekend. I like the simplicity of our decorating. We put up a tree in the living room and a few other decorations around the house. Aside from the tree in the living room we put up a small tree in the dining room with no decorations and a strand of evergreen with white lights along the length of the dining room window. Here's a photo of our tree and some of my favorite decorations:

The tree in the living room

Two happy snowmen


One of two ornaments we purchased in Santa Fe



  1. Thanks! I was just emailing you at the exact time you left this comment. How funny!

  2. I just added your blogs ..... wow Im looking thru and your tree is amazing. I love it! will you come decorate for me next year? I love the NM ornaments too!! I used to have the chili lights for mine when I lived in Albuquerque . Much love Auntie Groovy =)