Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Another website update. And...I baked!

Sunset on Old Mission Peninsula

So I completely revamped my website again. Now I am really happy with it. It's much different than the layout I had before. It's flash-based so now it's...flashy! Get it? Flashy?! I crack myself up.

I also baked my blueberry pie recipe last week with fresh-picked blueberries from Michigan. Turned out delicious. I spent a few days in Northern Michigan on Old Mission and Leelanau Peninsula. The weather was warm, sunny, and perfect. The weekend I was there was the first weekend for cherry picking. Talk about cherry heaven! I picked a lot of cherries but I ate them all before they even had a chance to be baked in something. I did buy some dried cherries so I'll be making some oatmeal-cherry cookies soon. YUM.

And to anyone who is still reading this blog...I hope you're having a great summer!


  1. I'm here, I'm here! Blueberry pie is my fav. You have inspired me. I must make one!

    I have two sour cherry trees that we planted about three years ago. I am hoping they will start bearing fruit soon, becuase I loooove cherries. We can only grow sour ones up here; not sure about where you are!

    I love your website design. It looks fabulous!!

    1. Thanks Natalie! Yeah Blueberry pie is my favorite. Especially topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

      Let's see, in northern Michigan where I was they had sour, sweet black cherries, and some other varieties I don't remember. All were good. The ones I got were the sweet black cherries. So much flavor and so sweet. They were like candy. I hope your trees give you some fruit soon! I'll come over for some pie. ;)

  2. Gotta try dat blueberry pie. Happy you're back!!

    1. Hi Ronna! Blueberry pie is my favorite! I could eat it every day. :)